Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hulk vs Thor

I started working on this one back in August.  It started sketching it at a local pizza shop with Daphs (Denis Zunon) and Lucas St Martin (not a real Saint).  I then scanned the unfinished image into the computer and reworked it with rough ins for the legs, which didn't fit on the original page.  Then I printed it out on bristol and finished the pencils with my trusty 0.9mm blue lead mechanical pencil.  Almost everything you see drawn here is done with this $5 pencil.

Enjoy :)

Also, anyone I know up in SF?  That city is so cool!  Lemme know so we can hang out!!

P.S. I saw Gonzo at work.  He looks a bit more pale than he used to.  See below :P

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